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Meeting Minutes

Open networking begins at 7:15am and meetings begin promptly at 7:30am.

Date: Jan 3, 2019 at 7:30am

Location: Ducro at 500 W. Prospect Ashtabula

Present: Executive Committee Officers:

  • President – Tim Valpone

  • Vice President – Scott Coblitz

  • Secretary/Treasurer – Kerry Stepp

  • See attendance sheet for remainder of attendees

Meeting was called to order by Tim Valpone at Ducro___ and all the following discussions and actions were taken:

Meeting minutes from November 8, 2018 approved as submitted.


  • N/A


  • Read by _Kerry S._ (a different member will be selected to read the mission statement every week) – “To exchange and promote business with members and support member businesses through information sharing. To support secondary business education in Ashtabula County encouraging and sustaining entrepreneurship.”


  • Success stories are the week before your 10-minute. Don’t forget to get your bio ready.

  • N/A


  • Reminder: If Ashtabula City Schools or A-Tech Schools are closed or delayed our meeting will be cancelled.

  • Remember everyone must continue to recruit for open categories in our membership.


  • Dues will be resubmitted with business addresses. Please return by Jan 15-20th

  • Everyone agrees that venue change was a success. If the group continues to change venue, literature/website may have to be changed or updated to reflect meeting locations.

  • Lakehouse Inn resigned.


  • Attendance reports for 11/8/18 was sent out and approved as submitted.


  • Current balance = $15,698.99


Ethics: CHAIR- Don P.

  • Nova Star application has been rejected. Ethics felt that the “marketing” category that was applied for truly served his real-estate business.

  • Voting proposed for Dec. 6th 2018

Membership/Marketing: CHAIR- Susan Rossette

Scholarship: CHAIR: Ken M.

  • A-tech reps to speak with group on December 6th meeting.


  • 1/19/18 Kiwanis MLK jr. @ Ashtabula Library 6p-9p (9 speeches from local area high schools.)

  • 1/23/18 YMCA’s dine to donate at Applebee’s 11a-9p


  • One-minute commercials presented.

  • The Bee awarded by Shawn. to:_____________

TEN MINUTE PRESENTATION: Ideas presented by current members

  • Commercials; theme/key words

  • Continue Social Events

  • Encourage creativity with 10 min. presentations

  • New Members-create policies to allow new business members

  • Occasional lunch/afternoon meetings

  • Retreats also using these opportunities to invite new members

  • Challenge every existing member to bring a potential member/business

  • Participation in community events.

  • Interaction with existing members on different aspects of their business

  • Change the format of the meetings occasionally

  • Change venue

  • Monthly meetings at local venues-no reservations

  • 300 hours or less

  • Money will be paid out to A-tech

  • Submission: optional essay including why, 1pg.,


  • Members Present – 13

  • Sub – 0

  • Guests – 0­

  • Number of referrals –

  • Door Prize was awarded to ____N/A________be added to next week’s referrals.

Next Meeting on Jan 10, 2019: Ducro