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2018 Committees

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be on a committee in 2018.

Executive Committee

Chair: Shay Skidmore, Geneva Lodge and Conference Center

Vice Chair: Elena Bienko, Key Bank

Secretary/Treas.: Suzette Miller, Geneva Generations Behavioral

Ethics Committee:

Don Pikovnik,Chairperson

Karen Fagnilli

Shawn Holmes

Anna Desorbes

Brenda Cobb

Membership & Marketing Committee:

Karen Fagnilli

Holly Mayernick

Elena Bienko

Suzette Miller

Otis Sandidge

John Steel

Cheryl Johnson

Ron Woodburn

Susan Rossette, Chairperson

Randy Jackson

Scholarship Committee

Debbie Powell

Kevin Steed

Ken McLeod, Chairperson

Mike Fedler

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