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Meeting Minutes

November 28, 2018

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Meeting Minutes 2.14.19

February 14, 2019


Open networking begins at 7:15am and meetings begin promptly at 7:30am.


Date: Feb 15, 2019 at 7:30am

Location: Ducro at 500 W. Prospect Ashtabula


Present:         Executive Committee Officers:

  • President – Tim Valpone         

  • Vice President – Scott Coblitz  

  • Secretary/Treasurer – Kerry  Stepp

  • See attendance sheet for remainder of attendees


Meeting was called to order by Tim Valpone at   Ducro___ and all the following discussions and actions were taken:


Meeting minutes from November 8, 2018 approved as submitted.



  • N/A



  • Read by     _Tim V._      (a different member will be selected to read the mission statement every week) – “To exchange and promote business with members and support member businesses through information sharing. To support secondary business education in Ashtabula County encouraging and sustaining entrepreneurship.”



  • Success stories are the week before your 10-minute. Don’t forget to get your bio ready.  



  • Reminder: If Ashtabula City Schools or A-Tech Schools are closed or delayed our meeting will be cancelled.

  • Remember everyone must continue to recruit for open categories in our membership.





  • All members that were not at Grand Valley, this will be an excused absence.

  • Create PDF packet for follow up at local high schools.

  • Next school event, split up AcBE into groups and students by areas of interest.




  • Attendance reports for 11/8/18 was sent out and approved as submitted.



  • Current balance = $15,698.99





Ethics: CHAIR- Holly M.

  • Nova Star application has been rejected. Ethics felt that the “marketing” category that was applied for truly served his real-estate business.




Membership/Marketing: CHAIR- Don P.

  • List sent around with local business names, this list can be used as potential membership

  • Be sure when inviting potential members that they come to ‘normal’ meetings.

  • Membership goal: 3-5 new members per year

  • Discussed making business cards with appointment space on back to give to potential incoming members and making collateral to hand out at events etc.


Scholarship:  CHAIR: Scott C.

  • 300 hours or less programs

  • Money will be paid out to A-tech

  • Submission: optional essay including why, 1pg.,

  • Maximum payout $1,000 or 75% of the program.

  • Deadline Aug?

  • Create marketing materials (poster in admissions office and flyers)

  • Scholarship will be finalizing scholarship guidelines.

  • For adults with a minimum of one year removed.



  • March 8,9,10: Home and garden show at Ashtabula Towne Square

  • April 13th Dodge Ball





  • One-minute commercials presented.

  • The Bee awarded by Susan to:___Mike F__________                                         


TEN MINUTE PRESENTATION  Scott Coblitz and Sherrie Buckmire (MDR Corp.)

  • MDR was able to bring samples of new promotional products. Slap koozies, bags, pens all customizable were some of the products the group was able to see.





  • Members Present – 15

  • Sub – 1

  • Guests – 0­

  • Number of referrals – 10  

  • Door Prize was awarded to ____N/A________be added to next week’s referrals.






Future Schedule:

2/21/19 GMA 8am at Geneva Shores.

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